God's Creation VBS

With the help of our good friends at Apologetics Press we are happy to present to you our latest Vacation Bible School - God's Creation: Digging for Answers. It is a five-day VBS that covers all six days of Creation, dinosaurs and the Flood.
This VBS curriculum is packed with informative lessons, skits, PowerPoint slides, crafts and game ideas, decoration ideas, templates, and more. All of this information comes on one, easy-to-use CD-ROM.
Our Creation VBS is also equipped with lessons for teens and adults. In addition, you'll also receive five episodes of Digger Doug's Underground and the Truth Be Told DVD produced by Apologetics Press. Both of these DVDs are professionally put together and enhance your VBS greatly.
We believe that this new Creation VBS curriculum is comprehensive, easy to use, and above all, biblically accurate.
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For more information send us an email or give us a call - 918.431.2426.

Christian Academy 2 - Now Available Online!

NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE: Christian Academy 2, The Battle Belongs to the Lord.
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Christian Academy 2
The Battle Belongs to the Lord.

Day One
Gideon and the 300
“Being fearless for God?”

Day Two
The Honorable Judge Deborah
“Doing the Right Thing.”

Day Three
Joshua and the Battle of Jericho
“Trusting in God”

Day Four
The Story of Paul
“Perseverance under great trials”

As always we will have great banners for you to make, crafts, games, skits, clip art, promotional art, and all the wonderful extras you’ve come to expect from Little Acorn.

Let’s work together this summer to Grow Tall Oaks for God!

PS - If you’re visiting here for the first time. Please check out our other VBS programs. If you are interested in Christian Academy, considered starting with part one: Training superheroes for God!


The following devotional was taken from "In Our Father's Hands" and written Tyrel Hatfield.

January 5
Daily Bible Reading: Genesis 10-11; Matthew 5:1-16

Devotional Text: Genesis 11:1-9

Here’s a fun group exercise everyone will enjoy. For the next two minutes, each person in the group needs to make up their own language. Think of fun, unique words that no one else will understand. On the count of three, begin speaking to one another in your own language. Give someone directions, tell them how your day went, tell someone how much you love them. Just communicate the best way you can. Now, on the count of one, two, three…..!

Making up words is fun, isn’t it? Did anyone figure out what you were trying to say? Did you understand anyone else? Think of how the room sounded when everyone was talking at once. Chances are it was loud and confusing. That’s exactly what the descendants of Noah heard when God confused their language while they were building a great tower and city. But why confuse their efforts when they were just working to be closer to God?

First, it was always God’s intention that man multiply on the earth (Genesis 8:17). Second, man’s efforts to build a great city and tower were not to glorify God, but are summed up in these words, “Come let us build for ourselves...” (Genesis 11:4).

They were building a great tower to be closer to the heavens, but it was really for their own glorification, not for the glory of God. Our God is mightier and more powerful than anything man can build. That’s why our God had to “come down” (Genesis 11:5) in order to see the highest thing that man could build. God imposed His will and man was forced to scatter abroad. When you begin to delight in your own accomplishments, don’t be confused about who’s in control.

Recommended Children's Books

Hello everyone,

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Building Character

The following devotional was taken from "In Our Father's Hands" and written Tyrel Hatfield.

March 9
Daily Bible Reading: Numbers 5 – 6; Romans 5

Building character
Devotional Text: Romans 5:3,4

I’ve learned many lessons in my short time on earth. I’ve learned that stove tops will burn you when turned on, I’ve learned that trash does not take itself out, and I’ve learned that “cuttin’ wood” builds character. “Building my character” seemed to be my dad’s favorite pastime. He would wait and take his vacation time when my brothers and I were out of school on fall break so we could all go “cut wood.” Our father was a sick man with a sick sense of humor. “Why do we have to cut wood?” we would bellyache. “Because it builds character!” was always his response. Builds character? How was “cuttin’ wood” going to build character?! But never-the-less, “cuttin’ wood” was much better that a “whippin’ and cuttin’ wood”, so I always made the right decision.

As much as it kills me to admit it, dad was right. Those miserable fall breaks spent “cuttin’ wood” did build character. They assisted in shaping the person I am today. When we are placed in situations like this we can learn many things from it. I learned the value of hard work, endurance, and submission to my father’s will. I even learned how to handle an axe. In view of the discipline and submission I learned from my father, how much more should I submit to my Heavenly Father? Listen to Hebrews 12:9, “Furthermore, we had earthly fathers to discipline us, and we respected them; shall we not much rather be subject to the Father of spirits, and live?” Our earthly parents are parents of our bodies, but God is the author of our spiritual life. Through events and trials in our lives, he molds and makes us. And how we respond to these events reveals our character. When faced with events in my life that don’t fit my agenda, I need to remind myself who’s in charge. (Read devotional text) So next time your parents give you a job you’re not happy with, just be happy and think, “I’m building character!”

Take time to pray

This video is taken from our Danny Do-Right & Dastardly Phil DVD and is a part of our Righteous Roundup VBS.
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“Take Time to Pray”
It’s snack time! But when Danny Do-Right encourages the young boys to first thank God for their blessings, he quickly discovers someone else has different plans. No matter how hard Dastardly Phil tries to distract them, Danny’s persistence to thank God wins. A hilarious and delightful film for everyone!


Captain VBS vs. Grouchy Rooster

Many of you participated in Christian Academy last year. Help us spread the word about Captain VBS, the Grouchy Rooster, and this great VBS program by sharing our You Tube video promo. Any comments you would like to make about your VBS success will go a long ways in helping us promote this material. Thanks for your support!


Righteous Roundup VBS

Hello everyone,

We apologize for being so quiet lately. We have been very busy putting the final touches on our fourth VBS program, Righteous Roundup. We are so excited about this year's VBS and pray that it will be a blessing to all that use it. Along with this year's VBS we have put together 4 short films to promote each day's theme. Here is Day two's, "Bearing Good Fruit", starring Danny Do-Right & Dastardly Phil. Enjoy!

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God Bless!

Daily Devotionals

The following devotionals were taken from "Strength for the Journey" & "In Our Father's Hands." Check back each week to read a new devotional. Book(s) can be pre-ordered at Little Acorn's online store.

The following devotional was taken from
"Strength for the Journey" and written by David Deffenbaugh.

February 1
Daily Bible Reading: Exodus 9-10; Matthew 21:33-22:14

A Wedding Rejection
Devotional Text: Matthew 22:1-14

We’ve all heard stories of brides and even grooms being left at the altar. Perhaps it is that since a wedding is among the most significant occasions of acceptance, that rejection in that setting is so dramatic. In Jesus’ parable of the wedding feast, we’re met with wedding customs different than our own. But the rejections on this joyous occasion are no less striking. The guests originally invited to the wedding reject the call to come when the wedding day arrived. The father of the groom rejects those same guests in rather dramatic, and violent, fashion. A spontaneous and gracious invitation to previously uninvited persons resulted in a full wedding hall. Both the evil and the good responded. This is a remarkable turn of events. Jesus said this parable, like so many of His, was to teach the nature of the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 22:2).

God’s gracious invitation to all humanity to participate in the joys of His kingdom, as depicted in this parable of a wedding feast, is not without its own rejection. The king rejected a guest who had come to the wedding to enjoy its pleasures, but had refused to wear a provided wedding garment. In that day more than just the attendants were provided with appropriate clothing for the wedding. Here was someone who presumed to enjoy what the king provided (a wedding feast) without submitting to the king’s terms (wearing the supplied wedding clothes). That person was rejected.

The message is pretty straightforward. If we wish to enjoy the blessings and privileges God provides, it will only be on His terms. Therefore, we cannot presume to come to God on our own terms. It is His or nothing at all. Despite our culture’s message and emphasis, we are not the measure of all things and we are not the final arbiter. We comply to God’s wishes, not He to ours. Simple enough.

The following devotional was taken from "In Our Father's Hands" and written by Tyrel Hatfield.

February 1
Daily Bible Reading: Exodus 9–10; Matthew 21:33-22:14

The chosen few
Devotional Text: Matthew 22:1-14

Picture yourself at a school gym. Several kids are standing before the class surveying everyone. “Bobby,” one of them calls out. A kid named Bobby runs over to the other side. “Oh, pick me! Pick me!” you mutter under your breath. “Susan!” A little girl with long curly hair skips over to the other side. There’s not much time now. If they don’t pick you, it will be too late. You wait, longing to hear your name. You anxiously watch a short little kid in braces as his gaze moves from person to person. He smiles, laughs, then shakes his head at the many attempts from others to win his vote. Finally his eyes rest on you! Could this be it? Will you be the last one picked? The anticipation is killing you. His gaze moves on. “Oh no!” you say, “he’s not going to pick me!” Then with a flash he looks back at you and says your name! You’ve been chosen!

After waiting anxiously for so long, when we finally hear our name, we are so excited! We feel appreciated, validated, loved, admired and respected. Isn’t it a great feeling to be chosen? You bet it is! We would do just about anything to be chosen.

Did you know that God calls all of us to his team, but Jesus says in Matthew 22:14, “few are chosen.” Why? Why would He call us all to him and then not chose us? That’s easy to answer. There are a couple of conditions that must be met for us to be chosen. First, we must be willing to accept the invitation. If we do not accept, we won’t be chosen. Second, those who accept the invitation must then live by God’s word (Hebrews 12:14-17). If they don’t, then they, too, will be rejected. You have been offered the invitation. Will you accept it? Will you live by the word of God? If so, then you too can be among the chosen few!